SIE Donates Forklifts & Pallet Jacks to Support Red Cross Hurricane Florence Relief

October 12th, 2018 — In collaboration with Toyota Materials Handling U.S.A. (TMHU), Southeast Industrial Equipment’s rental and parts departments responded to numerous American Red Cross requests for materials handling equipment rentals to assist in Hurricane Florence relief efforts at warehouse locations near SIE’s Florence, SC, Columbia, SC, Wilson, NC, and Hampton Roads, VA branches.American Red Cross Donation from SIE

Hurricane Florence has had devastating impacts in North and South Carolina. After making landfall in the Southeast, many rivers swollen with rain, have caused historic flooding and threatened homes, industries, and infrastructure. Preliminary information suggests that between 8,000 to 10,000 homes may have suffered major damage or were destroyed. More than 3,500 Red Cross disaster workers from all over the country are helping to shelter, feed and support people affected. Working with partners, the Red Cross has served more than 921,600 meals and snacks, provided more than 114,700 overnight stays (92% by the Red Cross), distributed more than 138,200 relief items like diapers and comfort kits for people forced from their homes.

The Red Cross submitted forklift rental requests to TMHU who then got in touch with executives at Southeast Industrial Equipment to respond with immediate assistance. SIE delivered 11 Toyota hand pallet jacks and 13 Toyota forklifts to Red Cross locations throughout the devastation to assist in warehouse facilities to move pallets of water, food, and other items needed. Southeast Industrial Equipment donated one month of the rental equipment to the Red Cross and TMHU will donate the remaining months expenses.

Nationally, Toyota Material Handling assists the Red Cross with volunteer forklift training and encourages employees to become certified Red Cross forklift operators. The national partnership with the American Red Cross is Toyota’s commitment to support local communities and neighbors to ensure everyone gets through tough times together.

It is a privilege of SIE to be able to partner with Toyota Materials Handling, U.S.A. to help those in need during hard times.

SIE Supports the 5th Annual National Forklift Safety Day June 12th 2018


“Safety is the cornerstone of our industry, and operator training is a major component in reducing worker injuries and fatalities,” said Brett Wood, president and CEO of Toyota Material Handling North America and chairman of ITA (see full article.)

June 12, 2018 is the fifth annual National Forklift Safety Day. Created by the Industrial Truck Association (ITA), National Forklift Safety Day is an annual event for the forklift industry to emphasize the importance of operator training and the safe use of forklifts.

Southeast Industrial Equipment’s main focus is to ensure that we provide our customers with the top of the line and safest material handling equipment in the industry. It is imperative that all operators are properly trained to operate the lift trucks they handle costly materials with day in and day out. SIE offers in-house operator safety and certification training at our Charlotte, North Carolina and Duncan, South Carolina forklift dealership locations on a monthly basis. We also offer the convenience of training your operators on-site at your location and numerous train the trainer programs where you become the trainer to save time, damages, accidents, money and more.

TMHU President Jeff Rufener said, “Toyota’s number one priority is to create safe products, so we’re naturally big supporters of National Forklift Safety Day. Implementing safety audits and training in your organization can reduce injuries, while preventing loss of resources and lowering maintenance costs.” (Modern Materials Handling article on National Forklift Safety Day)

For more on forklift safety in the workplace, check out the resources below.

Toyota Electric Walkie Pallet Jack – The King of Horizontal Applications

The go-to, dock-to-stock piece of equipment that Toyota, the industry leading forklift manufacturer, offers is the Electric Walkie Pallet Jack – the delivery, retail, distribution solution and so much more! Toyota forklifts haven’t been the #1 selling forklift in the U.S. for the last 15 years because people like the color orange! See why decision makers just like you are choosing this pallet jack.

Secrets of Success
Successful delivery practices evolve to meet new challenges as they develop.
For instance, the side loading doors commonly used for beverage delivery companies
of past years have been traded out for dry van trailers with lift gates. Evolutions in
delivery and distribution across industries mean some companies are moving away
from two-wheel dollies to pallet jacks for deliveries. These provide several advantages:

Advantages of Toyota Forklift Electric Walkie Pallet Jack


Features that CAN’T BE BEAT

  1. Safety  –  The 8HBW23 has an IP65- rated, 24-volt, electrical system. The 6 indicates that the electrical system has a dust tight defense against the intrusion of solid objects. This eliminates the concern of workers loosing a finger from accidental contact or some kind of debris getting into the electrical system and causing problems. The 5 indicates that water projects from a low pressure nozzle, from any direction and will not interfere with the electrical system nor cause any harmful effects. The 8HBW23 also features an anti-rollback system so operators can feel confident about their safety when operating on an incline. Click-To-Creep is another great feature that offers an extremely smooth low-speed control for operating on lift gates and crowded docks. The electric walkie pallet jack also comes standard with an electric horn and emergency power disconnect.Toyota Electric Walkie Pallet Jack
  2. Efficiency  –  The 8HBW23 is smoother and more efficient than ever before. It features the new AC Drive Motor providing fast responses to operating commands, precise power control, and high productivity rates. This means it can operate with fast acceleration and speed while loaded or unloaded. Efficiency is also improved through the regenerative braking system. Another great feature is the standard electronic brake release. This feature increases productivity by allowing movement of the pallet jack manually when the battery is running low, or if someone forgot to charge it. Speaking of charging, this walkie features simplified charging. It comes with a durable, high-output, built- in battery charger that’s over 93% efficient.
  3. Ergonomics  –  The 8HBW23 was designed with the best interests of operators and business owners in mind. Toyota aims to continuously improve on every aspect of their products, including the comfort and ease of operations for workers. The Electric Walkie Pallet Jack comes with an easy steering system and a multi-function control handle that was designed with the hands in mind. The handle has an angled hand grasp for maximum comfort and ease. It also allows you control of all functions with the touch of your fingertip. Users are even able to customize the operator keypad. Perhaps the most important feature of this ergonomic design is the pinwheel capability which allows for right angle stacking.
  4. Service –  Toyota has integrated an easy-to-service design in this pallet jack which features a cover that can easily be taken off and reinstalled without the use of any tools. This makes servicing your pallet jack extremely easy and fast. With all these amazing features the electric walkie pallet jack will provide more productivity for a longer life cycle, as well as, a lower cost of ownership; making it a no-brainer for anyone in the market for a narrow aisle, dock-to-stock material handling option.

What better way to EXPERIENCE TOYOTA PRODUCTS than to WIN IT FOR FREE!!! Enter TODAY before time runs out to experience the ease of the Electric Walkie Pallet Jack FREE for one year!

2017 Electric Pallet Jack Promotion - Southeast Industrial Equipment

5 Forgotten Things To Expect 4 Reasons To Rent A Forklift For The Holidays published the “5 Things to Expect When You Rent a Forklift“. Southeast Industrial Equipment has a large inventory of 5,000lb pneumatic and cushion tires forklifts ready to rent for the busy holiday season! Read the reasons to rent for the holidays below!

During the busy holiday season your warehouse seems to be as busy as Walmart is on Black Friday! As much prep goes into getting ready for this time of year our customers are at ease knowing they can quickly add material handling equipment to their fleet for extra support by taking advantage of SIE’s large rental fleet!

With an in-house rental department ready to take your call, Southeast Industrial Equipment’s material handling rental equipment is your down-time eliminator for a number of reasons!

1. When production is up but you just can’t keep up.

Why not add a forklift to your fleet by renting for a day, week, month, or longer if needed? When you just can’t see the return on investment to purchase or lease a new or used forklift just to get you through the hectic seasons, renting can be your best option. Here at Southeast Industrial Equipment we offer a wide range of material handling equipment for lease, purchase, or for rent. We have over 200 units in our rental fleet and growing by the day!

2. In case the only forklift you have is down for maintenance.

When you cannot afford the downtime in your warehouse, we are here to deliver a rental to sub in for the equipment that is being serviced.

3. Maybe you have a special project your company is working on.

You need a piece of material handling equipment to get the job done right? Why not rent the perfect piece of equipment along with the attachment that is just what you need? When you do not have use for a full time forklift for the day in and day out or your business, SIE is your go to when it comes to getting a rental to you fast and efficiently for no matter how long or short of a time period you may need.

4. When you need to lift to new heights

Or reach the pallet positions you normally do not use on a daily basis, why not rent the forklift that can reach just that much higher while you have more product to store? We have forklifts for rent that reach up to your tallest rack, so call (866) 696-9125 today or fill out our rental form for the material handling equipment you need now but may not need later!


Watch our video on how renting can be your best option to get you through the busiest times of year.

Guide To Proven Warehouse Solutions

Read the guide to “proven” warehouse solutions designed to work for your application by Toyota Industrial Equipment. A highly productive warehouse design is paramount to productivity. In order to optimize your warehouse functionality it is imperative that you source the right materials handling equipment, service solution, replacement parts, and a primary point of contact.

Warehouse Racking Solutions

Unlock the full potential of your warehouse with Southeast Industrial Equipment Inc., your one-stop shop for industry-specific racking solutions! Maximize storage capacity, streamline operations, and boost efficiency – all with the right racking system tailored to your unique needs. 

SIE Has the Racking Systems You Need 

Different lines of business, be it manufacturing or warehousing, call for various types of racking. SIE knows it’s important to set up a racking system that aligns with your industry to promote maximum efficiency and productivity. Take a look at what racking systems SIE suggests for your industry: 

General Warehousing:

Selective Pallet Racks: The workhorse of warehouses, selective pallet racks offer unparalleled versatility and easy access to palletized goods. They’re perfect for storing a wide range of items and ideal for warehouses with moderate to high product turnover. 

Drive-In & Push-Back Racks: When maximizing space utilization is your top priority, consider high-density storage solutions like drive-in and push-back racks. These systems create a compact storage block, ideal for storing large quantities of similar items. 

Freezer/Cooler Warehousing:

Industrial-Grade Selective Pallet Racks: Maintain optimal product temperature and organization with our industrial-grade selective pallet racks. Engineered to withstand cold environments, these racks ensure the integrity of your temperature-sensitive goods. 

High-Bay Pallet Racks: Take advantage of your warehouse’s vertical space with high-bay pallet racks. These robust systems allow you to maximize storage capacity without sacrificing accessibility

Retail Warehousing:

Shelving & Cantilever Rack Systems: Cater to your fast-paced retail environment with our innovative shelving and cantilever rack systems. Shelving units provide easy access to high-demand items, while cantilever racks offer versatile storage for bulky or oddly shaped merchandise.

Mezzanine Systems: Double your usable floor space with mezzanine systems. Create designated picking areas or office space above your existing footprint, enhancing order fulfillment efficiency and overall productivity. 

General Manufacturing:

Heavy-Duty Pallet Racks: Form the backbone of your production line with our heavy-duty pallet racks. Store raw materials, finished goods, and heavy machinery securely and efficiently.

Cart Racking Systems: Optimize tool and die storage with versatile cart racking systems. These systems keep your essential tools organized and readily accessible, minimizing downtime and maximizing production efficiency. 

SIE has the inventory to maximize your warehouse footprint, your workflow output, and job completion. Check out our entire warehouse catalog to find the equipment that will upgrade your facility’s production!

Want a visual? Check out the Toyota Forklift Warehouse Racking Solutions Infographic to understand different racking systems and their applications.

Contact SIE Today to Maximize Your Warehouse Productivity

Still have questions or a unique storage challenge? Southeast Industrial Equipment Inc. is here to help!  Our racking specialists will conduct a comprehensive needs assessment to design a customized storage solution that perfectly aligns with your specific business requirements.

Contact us for a free quote and unlock the potential of your warehouse!

SIE Parts Fill Rate

Southeast Industrial Equipment has a company wide parts fill rate of 96%.

At SIE we like to think of our parts fill rate as a “stock fill rate” due to the limitless array of equipment we are capable of servicing. Our service vans are stocked based on the customers’ need, as well as, what the market dictates. Our centralized parts department, based out of our Charlotte, NC branch allows for consistent analysis of parts fill rates by service van and work orders, supporting SIE to maintain a 96% parts fill rate. The success of our road service assignments are largely due to the technicians having the right part stocked to complete repairs, right when our customers need it.

SIE Parts and Service


Aerial Work Platform Inspections

Aerial work platform inspections must be done 13 months after the previous inspection annually.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has standards for owning and operating aerial work platforms.

ANSI/SIA A92.6 & A92.5 section 6.7; “The owner of an aerial platform shall ensure that an annual inspection is performed on the aerial platform no later than thirteen (13) months from the date of the prior annual inspection. The inspection shall be made by a person(s) qualified as a mechanic on the specific type of aerial platform or one having similar design characteristics. The inspection shall be in accordance with items specified by the manufacturer for an annual inspection. The owner shall not place the aerial platform into service until all malfunctions and problems have been corrected.”

What is to be inspected annually, you might ask? See the limited list below and note that inspections of all equipment should be performed and documented daily.

Operational inspections include/not limited to:

  • Lift, drive and emergency controls
  • Horn
  • Parking brake
  • Battery charger
  • Limit switches
  • Other safety devices
  • And more!

Visual Inspections include/not limited to:

  • Damaged, worn or missing parts
  • Leaks
  • Tires
  • Railings
  • Entry gates or chains
  • Loose pins or hardware
  • Structural damage
  • And more!

Southeast Industrial Equipment offers Aerial Work Platform inspections service according to ANSI guidelines utilizing our certified equipment specialists to help you avoid costly fines due to non-compliance. Upon completion of necessary repairs or preventative maintenance, SIE will issue certification. We have 10 locations throughout the southeast with full working shops, over 150+ certified technicians and a fleet of service vans ready to come to your facility. Keeping the headache of annual inspections as convenient as possible.

To learn more about ANSI Certified Annual Inspections for your aerial lift visit and read the OSHA Aerial Lift Fact Sheet >


Lift Inspections

How To Manage Your Fleet With T-Matics

Toyota’s T-Matics MOBILE and COMMAND products can help you reduce labor and maintenance costs, lost productivity, and damage. And can even help you manage the size of your fleet.

The “new” economy is putting significant pressure on all businesses and management has to do more with less. Job reductions make the headlines, but thinner budgets, productivity pressure and an increased demand for action create just as much havoc as downsizing middle managers and supervisors.
Every day your business is paying significant amounts of money to own and operate your forklift fleet. The cost for each truck can be over $250,000 per year – inclusive of operator salaries, benefits, overtime, truck leases, maintenance, damage, and battery/fuel expense.

For a 50 vehicle fleet, that multiplies to over $12.5 million per year!

Traditional fleet management solutions, like outsourcing maintenance and parts ordering, help make costs predictable, which is beneficial, but does not necessarily provide a meaningful way of reducing costs in real time. Achieving productivity and cost benefits through the deployment of technology is a well-established concept, but can it be applied to forklift fleet and operations management? Can behaviors and costs that have long been considered just “part of doing business” be changed? The answer is YES!

Utilizing advanced technology, T-Matics ensures that your fleet is being used as smartly and efficiently as possible whether you have five forklifts or over 50!

T-Matics Mobile

Intended for any size fleet, T-Matics MOBILE is a cellular-based system what’s ideal for forklifts that are not locked to a single location. It features a plug-and-play install (with no IT involvement), factory and field installation options, electronic hour meter collection error code reporting and fleet utilization.

T-Matics Command

Designed for fleets of at least 15 forklifts, T-Matics COMMAND is a wireless forklift management system that collects data by WIFI or IRF cellular within a designated facility. Advantages include electronic North American safety standards checklists, automated alerts and reporting, auto-calibrated impact management, planned maintenance management, operator access control, and more.


What gets measured, gets managed.

  • Forklift Fleet Tracking – Get visibility of your fleet at all times, whether you’re operating at a single location or your forklifts are being moved around North America.
  • Electronic Safety Checklist – Mandate automated forklift operator checklists before use; eliminate paper and improve accountability and safety.
  • Maintenance Tracking – Get timely notifications on planned maintenance needs and link directly to your dealership for time-sensitive service intervals.
  • Web-Based Reporting – Generate benchmarks and report results daily, weekly, quarterly and/or annually and make more informed decisions based on fleet data.
  • Impact Alerts – Get alerts sent directly to you if your forklifts are involved in an impact.
  • Use Limited To Only Those Qualified – Set permissions to ensure a forklift is being used by certified operators only.


T-Matics Infographic

sources: “5 Ways to Reduce Your Forklift Fleet Costs using T-Matics” – Toyota Industrial Equipment  •  “Reach New Heights” – Toyota Industrial Equipment

Cushman Minute Miser

Cushman Minute Miser

In large warehouse applications consistent productivity is paramount. The Cushman Minute Miser is said to be the “right hand man” within a warehouse environment. These machines have the ability to carry full loads, 550 pounds, traveling at 10mph, meaning they can haul anything from forklift parts to another passenger while easily maneuvering around your facility at any time. The cargo deck, which also doubles as another mode of transportation with the additional fold down seat, is perfect for loads of up to 300 pounds that need to get from point A to point B with ease. Why waste time, money, and energy using large pieces of equipment or walking long distances multiple times a day just to get somewhere when you can use this versatile utility vehicle to quickly reduce cost, battery charge, down time and more.


  • 550lb Total Load Capacity
  • 2 Person Seating
  • 24 Volt Electric Drivetrain



Cushman Minute Miser


Cushman Minute Miser Specs