Fleet Programs

Make your New Toyota forklift into a smart lift truck, helping you become more efficient, productive and profitable with SIE’s Fleet Management Programs.

  • Cost Analysis – The ability to monitor and review your cost of ownership by keeping track of planned maintenance, services performed, and parts ordered.
  • Savings Analysis – The ability to analyze the savings of your fleet when deciding to change models of forklifts. For example, deciding to switch from a Liquid Propane Gas forklift to an Electric forklift and having the ability to review your cost of ownership will help manage your future equipment purchases for your specific application.
  • Service Analysis – The ability to review an in depth review of services performed on each piece of equipment in your fleet.
  • Unit Utilization –The ability to see the usage of your forklifts. If there are 160 hours of work to be done per month, but your forklift was only used for 132 hours of that time then the forklift was only used for 82.5% of that month. You are able to review the hours logged on each piece of equipment and address your warehouse operations from there.
  • PM Schedule Analysis – The ability to have insight on the amount of planned maintenance being completed on each piece of equipment per month. Having the ability to plan for the full capacity of forklift usage, therefore having minimal down time during your busiest shifts. Being able to review the amount of planned maintenance that has been done throughout the year to plan for the next is the benefit of fleet management programs to keep your cost of ownership low and your productivity high.