Southeast Industrial Equipment offers a wide variety of electric Columbia Utility Vehicles and Personnel Carriers. Most commonly used on outdoor courses, airports, in the warehouse, and for private use, Columbia’s  facility use vehicles are tough enough for expansive job sites, rugged terrain and extreme conditions, yet gentle on groomed turf. Wherever you work we have a pure electric working solution to help transport whatever your job demands.

  • Move – People need to get where they are going quickly to keep things running smoothly. You may need to move one key employee around a large plant quickly or move 14 guests around your amusement park or zoo, we have an electric vehicle that can handle that and everything in between. If you have personnel walking when they should be riding you are wasting money.
  • Tow – If forklifts are not the ideal piece of machinery to tow materials or other equipment around your facility. We offer highly maneuverable tow platforms for loads of up to 14,000 lbs. If you are looking to pull a small utility trailer or maybe an empty semi trailer we’ve got you covered. Use the right tool for the job and save money while you are at it.
  • Carry – Our vehicle line can carry loads up to 6000 lbs. indoors and out. If you need to move a heavy load in tight quarters we can handle up to 1200 lbs. down aisles just 30 inches wide. Pure Electric power means there is no emission or noise pollution to worry about. Make one of our burden carriers an integral part of your material handling system.
  • Haul – Your job requires you to be versatile, so you need a vehicle to match. Columbia’s line of utility vehicles is the swiss army knife of transportation. Move cargo around a nursery in the morning, and carry customers and their purchases to their cars in the afternoon. When your transportation needs are a mix of passengers and cargo, choose a utility vehicle.

As compared to its competitors, Columbia utility vehicles and personnel carriers include:

  • Steel frames and bodies that utilize thicker gauged steel (longer-life)
  • The most robust drive motor (better operation in hot/harsh environments)
  • The most efficient power control system (more usable range on a charge)
  • The most efficient charger (less energy used to charge vehicle)
  • Intelligent energy recovery braking (wasted energy recycled to recharge batteries)
  • Easily programmable performance characteristics (only energy actually needed is expended)

Please contact one of our Territory Managers available at (866) 696-9125 to help find which electric utility vehicle is right for your application, email us at, or visit one of our Local Branches.