Electric Forklift Advantages

Electric forklifts have steadily grown in usage over the years and now make up nearly 70% of all trucks sold. While internal combustion forklifts are also a great option for many material handling needs. There are many valuable advantages that can only come from using electric forklifts in your warehouse. Noise Pollution A busy warehouse…
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Optimize Your Warehouse Safety

With the sometimes-chaotic nature of a warehouse, it can be nerve-racking to have valuable items stored there. Fortunately, Southeast Industrial Equipment offers many warehouse safety features. This safety equipment can help to prevent costly accidents and protect your employees. These 5 safety features can help improve your warehouse’s safety. Guard Rails Strategically placed guard rails…
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How to Optimize Warehouse Storage

One of the most common problems warehouse owners face is a lack of storage space. Without extensive changes to a building, there is no way to expand the horizontal area in your warehouse. An easy solution to this problem is to think vertically rather than horizontally. The vertical space within warehouses is something that has…
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Pneumatic vs. Cushion: Which Tire Type is Right for you?

Toyota forklifts are available in many different models and specifications. There are many questions you need to ask yourself when choosing the right forklift for your business. One of the most important questions to ask is, which tire type is right for you? Some of the most common tire types for forklifts are cushion tires,…
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Toyota SAS: Forklift Safety You Can Trust

The threat of a tipover is a frightening thought for anyone operating a forklift. OSHA reports that 42% of all forklift fatalities are caused by tipovers. The areas in which forklifts are operated are oftentimes unpredictable and can force operators into difficult situations. Fortunately, the incredible engineers at Toyota developed a solution to help mitigate…
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Versatility You Can Count On!

Toyota’s moving mast reach trucks are in a class all their own when it comes to productivity, performance, and efficiency. These powerful lifts are equipped with innovative ergonomics and technology and offer clear and precise control for fast and smooth handling shift after shift. The Toyota Moving Mast Reach Truck delivers the perfect lift to…
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The Right Tool for The Job

Whether you need to lift a couch or a dining room table, the Furniture Order Picker is up to the task. Designed to handle your pallet-less tasks, the Furniture Order Picker will accommodate carts or furniture platforms and can lift a wide variety of large or bulky items while maximizing space utilization and providing unmatched…
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Meet the All-star Wide Receiver!

Meet the All-Star Wide Receiver—The Multidirectional Reach Truck When it comes to warehousing, wide loads and narrow aisles typically don’t mix. Attempting to stack products like lumber, pipe, or carpet at right angles necessitates wider aisles that can put a hamper on your storage density and productivity. Specially designed to handle wide, bulky loads, Toyota’s…
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What is a Reach Truck?

Reach Trucks are forklifts used in narrow aisle applications, such as warehouses. They are designed to have two outer legs that help distribute the load and a single set of wheels in the back. The wheels are located below the operator, which helps create a tighter turn radius. This allows operators to navigate smaller spaces,…
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Standing Apart from The Rest – How The Toyota High-Capacity IC Core Goes Above and Beyond Others In Its Industry.

Toyota has been a leading supplier of innovative forklifts for nearly 50 years and is 100% committed to delivering excellence from product planning to product development to manufacturing to sales and to after-sales service. As you can see, the Toyota total value story is unique only to Toyota.  Toyota forklifts are manufactured to perform, to…
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