Toyota High Capacity IC Pneumatic Marina Forklifts – the Boat Lift Expert! Boats are heavy and present unique challenges when moving them on land. But, Toyota Forklifts has marinas and boat manufacturers covered with the new High-Capacity Marina Forklift. The Marina Forklift is built to your unique needs, so you’ll get the right piece of equipment for your application. Each comes standard with negative-lift functionality to lift and lower your boats into and out of the water. Operator comfort and ease of operation are built into the High-Capacity Marina Forklift’s unique capabilities. Operators have intuitive operator joystick controls at their fingertips in the cab. But the High-Capacity Marina Forklifts also has optional remote control capabilities, meaning the operator can be in control even when walking alongside the forklift. The High-Capacity Marina Forklift comes equipped with a 7-inch multi-function display that gives you real-time access to vital information such as engine oil pressure, hours, engine diagnostics, and even a built-in calculator for estimating rack height. Durable, functional, and technologically advanced. That’s the Toyota High-Capacity Marina Forklift.

  • Cummins Diesel Engine with Tier-4 Final Compliance
  • 3-Speed Dana Transmission
  • Load-Sensing Hydraulic System
  • Two-Stage, Wide-View Mast with Negative Lift
  • Galvanized Components and 3-Step Paint Process
  • Operator Presence Sensing System (OPSS)
  • 15,000-55,000 lb. Capacity
  • Swing-Style Fork Carriage
  • 7″ Touch Screen Multi-Function Display