Toyota Electric Walkie Pallet Jack – The King of Horizontal Applications

The go-to, dock-to-stock piece of equipment that Toyota, the industry leading forklift manufacturer, offers is the Electric Walkie Pallet Jack – the delivery, retail, distribution solution and so much more! Toyota forklifts haven’t been the #1 selling forklift in the U.S. for the last 15 years because people like the color orange! See why decision makers just like you are choosing this pallet jack.

Secrets of Success
Successful delivery practices evolve to meet new challenges as they develop.
For instance, the side loading doors commonly used for beverage delivery companies
of past years have been traded out for dry van trailers with lift gates. Evolutions in
delivery and distribution across industries mean some companies are moving away
from two-wheel dollies to pallet jacks for deliveries. These provide several advantages:

Advantages of Toyota Forklift Electric Walkie Pallet Jack


Features that CAN’T BE BEAT

  1. Safety  –  The 8HBW23 has an IP65- rated, 24-volt, electrical system. The 6 indicates that the electrical system has a dust tight defense against the intrusion of solid objects. This eliminates the concern of workers loosing a finger from accidental contact or some kind of debris getting into the electrical system and causing problems. The 5 indicates that water projects from a low pressure nozzle, from any direction and will not interfere with the electrical system nor cause any harmful effects. The 8HBW23 also features an anti-rollback system so operators can feel confident about their safety when operating on an incline. Click-To-Creep is another great feature that offers an extremely smooth low-speed control for operating on lift gates and crowded docks. The electric walkie pallet jack also comes standard with an electric horn and emergency power disconnect.Toyota Electric Walkie Pallet Jack
  2. Efficiency  –  The 8HBW23 is smoother and more efficient than ever before. It features the new AC Drive Motor providing fast responses to operating commands, precise power control, and high productivity rates. This means it can operate with fast acceleration and speed while loaded or unloaded. Efficiency is also improved through the regenerative braking system. Another great feature is the standard electronic brake release. This feature increases productivity by allowing movement of the pallet jack manually when the battery is running low, or if someone forgot to charge it. Speaking of charging, this walkie features simplified charging. It comes with a durable, high-output, built- in battery charger that’s over 93% efficient.
  3. Ergonomics  –  The 8HBW23 was designed with the best interests of operators and business owners in mind. Toyota aims to continuously improve on every aspect of their products, including the comfort and ease of operations for workers. The Electric Walkie Pallet Jack comes with an easy steering system and a multi-function control handle that was designed with the hands in mind. The handle has an angled hand grasp for maximum comfort and ease. It also allows you control of all functions with the touch of your fingertip. Users are even able to customize the operator keypad. Perhaps the most important feature of this ergonomic design is the pinwheel capability which allows for right angle stacking.
  4. Service –  Toyota has integrated an easy-to-service design in this pallet jack which features a cover that can easily be taken off and reinstalled without the use of any tools. This makes servicing your pallet jack extremely easy and fast. With all these amazing features the electric walkie pallet jack will provide more productivity for a longer life cycle, as well as, a lower cost of ownership; making it a no-brainer for anyone in the market for a narrow aisle, dock-to-stock material handling option.

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