Get The Most Bang For Your Buck – Forklift Trade-In Value

“You wouldn’t buy a car that was old and barely running, the same goes for a forklift. Maintain your forklift well and you can expect a higher value when it comes time to sell …” – Steven Vincent of Toyota Material Handling of Northern California written in a recent post ” How to Get the Maximum Trade-In Value for Your Forklift “

Mr. Vincent describes what is considered in the trade-in evaluation process. Maintenance history, age/hours, configuration & accessories, overall appearance, and more.

” When the hour meter approaches 10,000 hrs, the value starts dropping significantly. This goes for both electric and ICE (gas) forklifts.  Here are some general guidelines:

  • 7,500-9,500 hrs  – higher trade in value.
  • 9,500-12,500 hrs – decreased value
  • 12,501-16,000 hrs – lower value
  • 16,000+ hrs –  lowest trade in value “

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When it’s time for a new forklift, you naturally want a high trade-in value for your old equipment. Act now through March 31, 2017 and Toyota will give you a $2,000 factory rebate bonus (in addition to the value your dealership will give) when you trade in an operational competitive branded forklift!*  Trade Up To Toyota Flyer

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