Manufacturing Business is Up – What Does that Mean for your Business?

Toyota 3-Wheel Electric Perfect for Manufacturing

According to an article published on … “New orders, which are viewed as the engine driving manufacturing, rose 0.9 percent to 53.0, heading up for the third straight month, and production rose 1.4 percent to 56.0, also up for the third month in a row.” – Jeff Berman, Group News Editor for Modern Materials Handling

Click to read the full article here >> Manufacturing activity is up in November for third straight month, reports ISM

According to the findings in the article above, businesses are stretched to get this years’ inventory off their shelves before the new year begins. Production of new items slowed in order to relieve the existing items therefore leaving room in the budget to purchase/lease new equipment to keep up with production for 2017! Read more about why now is the time to ACT when purchasing or leasing new equipment for your facility to benefit from the most beneficial tax deductions before the end of 2016!


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