How to Optimize Warehouse Storage

STEP PALLET RACK BEAMS STORAGEOne of the most common problems warehouse owners face is a lack of storage space. Without extensive changes to a building, there is no way to expand the horizontal area in your warehouse. An easy solution to this problem is to think vertically rather than horizontally. The vertical space within warehouses is something that has been overlooked in the past, but in recent years has become more widely used. This is thanks in part to new technology in equipment and racking solutions.

Similarly, to the way a parking garage takes a flat parking lot and builds it upwards, vertical racking in a warehouse capitalizes on the existing horizontal space in a warehouse. This change in storage can greatly increase the productivity and profits of your storage space. In 2020 the average price per square foot of warehouse space rose by 4.8% to $7.86 annually. For a 20,000 square foot facility you would be paying $157, 200 per year to rent your storage space. With proper vertical storage you could more than double the amount of storage area while paying the same amount of rent.

Southeast Industrial Equipment is proud to offer countless racking options for your warehouse. One of the most common approaches to organizing a warehouse is a selective pallet rack design. Our Pallet racking systems from Space + USA can be engineered to meet any volume, weight, or size requirement. With the strength to hold up to 7,100 lbs. per beam, you can feel confident your product will be safe and secure.

Moving Mast Reach Truck and Storage

With this increase in vertical storage, there is a new need for equipment that will be able to operate within these changing conditions. Luckily, Toyota has a great line of products to operate at the heights required by modern warehouses. The moving mast reach truck allows for maneuvering in narrow aisles and with a mast height of up to 42 feet, it can reach your top-level shelves. This ability to reach great heights within narrow aisles opens up the possibility to use storage space that wasn’t possible before.

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