How To Be Selective With Your Selective Racking Systems

There is a wide variety of racking systems on the market today, so how do you know what is right for your application?

Engineered Solutions

Here at Southeast Industrial Equipment we excel at providing our customers with a customized solution for your material handling needs. This means not only offering the world’s number one lift truck but providing the latest in engineered solutions and warehouse products for our customers. Building space, equipment and loads must be determined and kept in mind when selecting the correct system that works for you.
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  1. START WITH THE BASICS! Along with the standard length, width and height, knowing the type of pallet and loaded pallet weight will determine capacity needed for your beams and uprights. Educating yourself and your SIE Territory Manager on storage requirements and warehouse needs will increase facility safety and productivity.
    How to measure a pallet
  2. KNOW YOUR SKU COUNT! Are you aware of what your warehouse SKU count is and how quickly the items on your shelves need to be accessed? Being able to answer critical questions such as those is paramount to finding the system that works best for your facility. Facilities with larger SKU counts or store time sensitive products are great candidates for Selective Racking because they’re capable of 100% selectivity for their products.
  3. DETERMINE LOADING CONDITIONS! Does your facility load with the UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load) method or Point Loads? Knowing your loading conditions will aid your search for the correct beams, which will tell you the capacity of your warehouse, as well as, the number of pallet positions you’ll be able to hold.
  4. VARIETY IS KEY! Southeast Industrial Equipment offers a wide variety of both static and dynamic racking solutions that are sure to keep your facility running to its full capacity. The choice between Selective, Push Back, Pallet Flow, and Drive-In racking options can be a daunting task, let an SIE Territory Manager help you decide which type is best for your warehouse.
  5. CHOOSE SOUTHEAST INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT! The team at Southeast Industrial Equipment will provide you with a hands on approach to making your warehouse work hard for you. We will help you fit your facility with the best racking solution for your products to decrease product damage and increase productivity and efficiency.


Racking at SIE

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