Choose Capacity Yard Trucks

Yard trucks, also known as yard jockeys, spotter trucks, and terminal tractors are designed to quickly move trailers and containers throughout a facility. They are commonly seen in ports, truck terminals, and other cargo facilities. However, these vehicles are becoming more and more popular in businesses such as large warehouses and distribution centers. Capacity produces top of the line yard trucks that will be sure to improve efficiency in your business.

There are many reasons why you should use a yard truck at your facility. These vehicles were carefully designed to maximize performance and production. A yard truck allows you to move 3-4 times more trailers per hour than if you were using a more traditional truck. This is due to the features built into to a capacity yard truck such as the easy hook up system and the sliding back door with a catwalk. This cuts down on time spent manually raising and lowering trailer stands as well as the time getting in and out of the cab. Along with saving time, these features also can prevent serious injuries to employees and damage to property. To see some of these features in action click the link here.

Yard trucks are also highly maneuverable and can put trailers in places that semi-trucks can’t. This is due to the shorter wheelbase and tight turning radius of the truck. This allows for easier navigation in tight areas and can speed up productivity throughout a busy day. These features along with the ability to operate without a CDL provide maximum efficiency. Your operators will appreciate the greater speed, precision, and safety they will have while moving trailers with a Capacity yard truck. To learn more about these amazing vehicles you can talk to one of our equipment experts by calling us at (704) 399-9700 or emailing us at

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