Why to Choose a Tennant Floor Scrubber

In any business it is important to keep a facility clean and organized. The cleanliness of a facility gives your business a better image and can keep your customers and employees safer. However, it can become very time consuming to clean a large facility and this could lead to corners being cut. One solution to this problem is an industrial floor scrubber or sweeper. These powerful machines will allow your employees to clean the floor of your facility quickly and efficiently. The addition of an industrial scrubber can help your business improve its safety and lower its costs.

walk-behind floor scrubber


                Traditional cleaning methods such as a bucket and mop can lead to several safety issues in a workplace. Firstly, this method can leave behind spots of soapy water that can become a slipping hazard for employees. It’s been reported that 67% of falls in the workplace are a result of slips and trips at a walking level. Industrial scrubbers are designed with squeegee systems that collects the water that was used to clean, leaving a clean and dry floor.

Another aspect of safety to think about is the sanitation of the floor. With the increased global focus on health in the past few years, it is important to protect employees from germs as much as you can. A mop bucket is filled with the dirt and grime of the floor that is cleaning. Each dip of the mop into the bucket is spreading bacteria from the floor into the water, and while the surface that was being cleaned may look better, it may not safe. Industrial scrubbers on the other hand only clean with fresh water and are designed to kill germs. They will leave your floors looking great and will protect your staff from harmful bacteria.


                The costs of cleaning can be very high, and a rapidly growing business can find itself with too much space to properly clean. On average it takes a person with a bucket and mop around an hour to mop 5,000 square feet of space. A walk-behind scrubber in that same amount of time can clean 13,000 square feet of space and a rider scrubber can clean up to 100,000 square feet of space. This is a drastic increase in efficiency and could greatly lower the cost to clean your facility.


There are several equipment options from Tennant that are will be a great match for the needs of your business. With scrubbers, sweepers, and sweeper-scrubbers available in both walk behind and rider formats. They are built to withstand heavy use in numerous environments, and will help to create a cleaner, safer, and healthier workplace. To view our Tennant equipment, click here.


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