Should you buy a Used Forklift?

A used forklift can be a great option for someone who needs a forklift on a tight budget or someone can’t wait for the lead time of a new forklift. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a used forklift. These factors include the model, hours, and required usage of the forklift. All the factors will allow you to better understand if a used forklift is right for you and your business.

Used forklift Wilson

How many hours should the lift have?

It’s important to understand the hours of a forklift and what the mean for the overall performance of the vehicle. One forklift operating hour is comparable to approximately 20 miles in a car. That means that a used forklift with 5,000 hours is similar to a used car with around 100,000 miles of use. Generally, the more hours that a lift has, the cheaper the price will be. Finding the forklift with the lowest number of hours for your price range is a big step in finding the right vehicle.

How often will you use the forklift?

The hours of the lift play an important role in its ability to operate long term. So before beginning the buying process you should have a good understanding of how much use your forklift will get throughout your ownership. For example, if you have a need to move heavy items a few times a day than a used forklift with many hours could work perfectly for you. However if your operation requires near constant use of a lift throughout the day than you may need to purchase something with less hours. If you only need to use your forklift sparingly than it could be possible to purchase a lift with more hours and save a large amount of your budget.

Which Model of Used Forklift should I choose?

The model of forklift required for your operations may affect whether or not a used forklift is right for you. Electric forklifts on average last longer than internal combustion forklifts and may be a safer used option. This is due to electric forklifts requiring fewer moving parts and therefore have less parts that could break. So, if you know that you need a used forklift to last longer than usual, a used electric may be the right choice. It also important to note the surface the forklift will be operating on, as well as the weight capacity the lift needs to have.


Used forklifts are an excellent option for those who need a more affordable option or those who cannot wait for the lead time of a new forklift. We are proud to offer a used inventory of over 90 used vehicles that are available for sale. You can view and request these vehicles here.

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