Electric Forklift Advantages

Electric forklifts have steadily grown in usage over the years and now make up nearly 70% of all trucks sold. While internal combustion forklifts are also a great option for many material handling needs. There are many valuable advantages that can only come from using electric forklifts in your warehouse.

4-wheel electric

  1. Noise Pollution

A busy warehouse can at times be an extremely loud environment. With multiple forklifts running in a confined area, it can become difficult for operators and pedestrians to properly communicate. However, electric forklifts produce a very low amount of noise and allow operators to better hear horns, employees, and other important sounds within the warehouse.

  1. Narrow Aisle Maneuverability

It is important for a warehouse to maximize the space that is available. One way to gain space is to push the racks within a warehouse closer together. This gives you the ability to put in more shelves but has the drawback of narrower aisles that can cause difficulties to forklift operators. Generally, a full-size forklift is impossible to operate in these narrow aisles. Luckily Toyota offers many electric forklifts option that can operate in these tighter areas. The 3-wheel electric forklift can navigate 10-11’ aisles while still lifting up to 4,000 lb. There are plenty other electric options including reach trucks and stand-up riders that can maneuver through narrow aisles.

  1. Zero Emissions

A downside of using internal combustion forklifts is the potentially harmful emissions that are produced by their engines. These emissions can be particularly damaging to food and other perishable items that may be stored in your warehouse. Toyota electric forklifts offer the perfect solution to this problem by producing zero emissions while still offering the power you need.


Toyota’s electric forklifts are a great investment for your business to help improve noise pollution, storage solutions, and the amount of emissions. With a wide range of electric products available, you are sure to find a piece of equipment that fits all your needs. These products will not only improve operations in your warehouse but will also help the overall environment.


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