SIE Donates Pallet Truck To TROSA.

SIE was recently able to aid in the fight against America’s opioid epidemic by donating a pallet truck to Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers (TROSA).

Escaping the harsh reality of substance abuse is no easy task. Many addicts are not able to pay the high price for help that many treatment facilities charge. Many have lost their family, friends, and money to the drugs. Luckily for Durham citizens, there is hope.

For nearly 20 years Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers has been devoted to rehabilitating drug and substance abusers. TROSA is a non-profit program that devotes it’s time and resources to individuals who truly want to change their lives and leave the substance abuse in the past.  They do so by providing free treatment, vocational training, education, and aftercare over the course of two years.

Unfortunately the opioid epidemic, our country is facing, has stretched their resources. They are currently housing over 500 individuals. Making this a bad time for limited resources.

“Without the generosity of donors like SIE we would have to devote more and more capital to operations rather than the support and treatment that our residents desperately need to return to their families and become productive members of society again.” – Bill Butcher

SIE was honored to be of assistance to an organization that emphasizes structure, accountability, and integrity.





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