Floor Tape Tips to a Safer Warehouse

First things first, in order to safely guide daily operations of your facility, we suggest segmenting departments into designated areas with the highest quality floor tape for safety and simple organization. After all, the key to a safe and productive facility or warehouse is in the planning. “The more clarity, logic and clear communication you can bring to a workplace environment, the
more safely and efficiently it will operate.” – Mighty Line Floor Marking Guide

Floor Tape ColorsWhen choosing the type of floor tape to the safety signs you will need for your warehouse consider the 4 D’s.

  1. Draft daily productivity routes  –  Consider the basics by utilizing an engineering partner to layout the basics of your operation to find the best possible outcome for daily routines. I.E. Shipping , Receiving, Machining, and Inspection areas. Use multiple colors of floor tape to define each area.
  2. Designate operational areas  –  Depending on the width of the aisles between your racking systems, a safe distance to stay away from the upright beams needs to be clearly marked for pedestrians, operators, and equipment. Floor Marking with Tape for Equipment
  3. Define potential hazard locations  –  Does your warehouse have bays where safety apparel is needed due to the equipment in use? Do you work with hazardous materials? Do you need to mark off container storage that should not be handled? The use of floor tape and safety signs to clearly mark dangerous locations is imperative for safe a operation. Red Floor Hazard Tape
  4. Determine likely collision points  –  Lift trucks, forklifts, floor cleaning equipment, guided vehicles, and other equipment are an integral part of the productivity of your facility. They can also be the most dangerous ticket items for collisions with other equipment, racking systems, products, and even operators and pedestrians. Clearly labeling tight and accident prone areas can significantly reduce the risk of these incidents occurring.


Differentiating the types and color of the floor tape you choose to mark specific areas are as follows:

YELLOW: Use to signify safe paths for walking  

RED: For dangerous areas, emergency exit areas

WHITE: Production equipment: machines, carts, incoming racks

GREEN: Safety-related areas: eye wash stations, safety showers, etc

ORANGE: Machinery parts areas

BLUE: Works in progress/equipment under repair zones

BLACK: Finished goods area

YELLOW WITH BLACK DIAGONALS: Extra caution walkways

WHITE WITH RED DIAGONALS: Safety equipment areas: Fire extinguishers, electrical panels, AED machines, & more

Watch how easy it is to install >> 

Southeast Industrial Equipment team consists of highly trained and experienced professionals and partners with the equipment and knowledge to assist you in every step of the warehouse/facility planning process. Contact us today for a FREE site evaluation (866) 696-9125.

DOWNLOAD the full Mighty Line Floor Marking Guide here > Floor Marking Guide

2 thoughts on “Floor Tape Tips to a Safer Warehouse

  1. This is a perfect guide for a Safer Industrial Warehouse. It is really important to use high quality floor tape. I agree that choose color of the floor is very important for the specific areas. Thanks for sharing..!!

  2. Abby jones says:

    Floor tape plays a crucial role to ensure safer movement of different products. The warehouse is an important link of supply chain and suitable steps should be taken to prevent the product loss. Accidents in the warehouse have negative effects on the workflow of the warehouse. Use of floor tapes could be very useful to prevent such types of accidents. Apart from this, regular inspection of different components used in the warehouse is also essential to evaluate the condition of such components. Weaker and older components should be replaced with suitable substitutes to prevent accidents.

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