Kalmar 9-18 Ton

The Kalmar 9-18 Ton lift trucks are the workhorse of the lumber yard.Kalmar 9-18 Ton

Kalmar Large Pneumatic forklifts and Reachstackers are an intricate part of the lumber, port, steel, and aluminum applications. Southeast Industrial Equipment offers a range of Kalmar products within Southeast region like the versatile Kalmar 9-18 Ton lift trucks.

The Kalmar 9-18 Ton lift trucks are a rugged range of equipment designed with the operator in mind. Like all Kalmar solutions, Kalmar DCG90-180 lift trucks offer greater total lifetime savings by improving the performance of the lift truck and operator. DCG90-180 Kalmar trucks range in lifting capacities of 9-18 tons. This truck is one of the only on the market that offers true capacity, holding exactly what it is rated to. Each in the range is designed, built and delivered to keep truck uptime and driver productivity levels high – and keep running, maintenance and lifetime costs low. All-in-all keeping the operator as comfortable as possible, therefore, as productive as possible to get the big jobs done on time and safely in addition to the longer service intervals of an average of 500 hours.

Easy to service –  Performing daily inspections and routine servicing is fast, simple and convenient with the DCG90-180

  • Smart placement of the electric cabinet offers fast and easy access
  • No floor boards need to be removed to get to the engine, the cab simply flips over offering easy access for service
  • All hydraulic oil filters can be reached from above at one location. There’s a special drain for shaft oil, for example, which makes it possible to fill oil while standing up
  • All check points for daily inspection are directly accessible at ground level on the side of the truck

Easy to operate – The Kalmar EGO Cabin enables driver productivity incorporating a spacious curved front window that provides excellent side-to-side and overhead visibility, greater operating control, and precision. All thanks to well-placed, ergonomically improved instruments, levers, pedals, panels, switches, and display

  • Operator comfort with the unparalleled ergonomics of the EGO cabin
  • Over-all visibility – Roller-type carriage providing visibility through the mast to the ground
  • Rolled counterweight to increase rear vision
  • Cab pillars are strategically placed not to impede visibility
  • Integrated, rotatable seat
  • Work and control consoles

All components are rated for a 40K capacity truck. This is a huge benefit if you have a mixed capacity fleet. Only stocking one part that can be used on any 9-18 ton lift truck, i.e. mast rollers. The “big tire” option for the Kalmar 9-18 Ton lift truck makes this an unbeatable option for the lumber industry working day in and day out on rough terrain and in any weather conditions.

Watch the video below to see this lift truck range in motion and visit our Kalmar page to see more large pneumatic lift truck options.